“Djilpin Arts for Everybody”

Jimmy Wesan, Senior Jungayi

Cultural Preservation

Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation is based in Beswick (Wugularr) on the traditional land of the Jawoyn people. Along with Jawoyn, Wugularr is home to people from Dalabon, Rembarrnga, Mayali and Rittharngu/Wagalak language groups, all connected by kinship and family ties from North, Central and West Arnhem Land and East as far as Numbulwar. Wugularr is home to approximately 450 people who are culturally rich with deep connections to land and culture. Culture is connection to country, community, kinship, family, language, law and the expression of traditional cultural practices. Such cultural forms include but are not limited to; dance, art, ceremony, music and other more contemporary mediums for maintaining cultural knowledge.

Djilpin Arts Board, members and staff have a strong involvement in the development and sustainability of the organisation’s activities and programs. Community ownership and responsibility are central. Programs provide and promote an environment in which the complexities of Aboriginal knowledge, kinship and society are valued and respected. Programs have a direct impact on the community’s sense of pride, identity and well-being.


  • Cultural: Fostering the preservation, maintenance and promotion of traditional knowledge systems
  • Learning/Training: Educating arts workers and artists through mentoring, training and workshops
  • Economic: Providing a source of income for artists through the sales of visual and performing arts
  • Social: Promoting a whole-of-community approach with planning festivals and performances; establishing strong partnerships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Artistic/Creative: Nurturing the development of traditional and contemporary artistic practice, exploring new mediums and innovative opportunities for creative expression



Our Board of Directors is elected annually at the AGM



Beswick-team-2Djilpin Arts employs a team of local artsworkers including Julie Ashley, Lancetta Ashley, Jessica Blitner, Janice Cameron, Augustina Kennedy, Kate George and Evangeline Wilson.

Tom E Lewis – Artistic Director

tom-lewis-on-stageSince 2002 Tom has been the Artistic Director of Beswick Community’s annual event Walking With Spirits, featuring concert performances which blend traditional Aboriginal music with everything from String Quartets to the legendary guitar sound of Ross Hannaford.