This is one of the finest examples of West Arnhem Art in Australia

In 1996, senior Beswick/Wugularr artists and elders, led by internationally renowned dijeridu master, David Blanasi, conceived the idea of putting together a special collection of works to be called Gunwinjgu or The Company of People. This collection would showcase and celebrate the strength of Indigenous culture in the area, and would be kept for future generations.

Blanasi Collection

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Since 2007 his Collection has been permanently housed at the Ghunmarn Culture Centre in Beswick/Wugularr. In accordance with the original intentions of the old masters, the Collection serves as a cultural heritage legacy for the community, and as a way of sharing this important aspect of culture with others.

The Ghunmarn Culture Centre is managed and maintained by Djilpin Arts in the community of Beswick, 100kms south-east of Katherine on a sealed road. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and visitors are always welcome. The friendly local staff will give you a free guided tour of this very significant Collection.