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Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm
Weekends by appointment

Ghunmarn Culture Centre Beswick
Cameron Road, Beswick NT 0852

Call +61 8 8977-4250 or email

Ghunmarn Culture Centre is at the heart of the new cultural precinct that Djilpin Arts has developed in the community. It’s a place where visitors can engage with local people, experience traditional customs, purchase art, enjoy barista coffee and stay in our award-winning accommodation.

The Centre houses the treasured Blanasi Collection, a permanent museum showcasing culturally significant art works that are some of the finest examples of the West Arnhem painting style. This important and historical collection was curated by the late Elder and dijeridu master, David Blanasi, and includes many of his own artworks.

You are welcome to visit Ghunmarn Culture Centre for a free guided tour of the Blanasi Collection and to browse the large selection of artefacts for sale. If you are travelling we can arrange packing and freight for you.

When you choose to buy authentic Indigenous products direct from this community enterprise you will be supporting Aboriginal people in remote communities.

  • Walking With Spirits Returns to Beswick Falls

    Walking With Spirits returns to spectacular Beswick Falls with a lineup to match, as well as great food and unique workshops Opening Ceremony, 6pm Friday 14th July Ghunmarn Culture Centre, Beswick Community Camping available at Centre Friday night, access from midday Friday 2017 offers intimate cultural engagement on Friday evening with

  • Blanasi Collection

    The historic Blanasi Collection is one of the finest examples of West Arnhem Art in Australia.

  • Carvings and Castings

    Wood carving has always been part of Aboriginal culture, and today Djilpin artists continue this tradition. Men carved wood for many purposes – tools for hunting or gathering food; axes and knives for building shelters; spears and clubs for protection of their lives and territory; objects for ceremony and to

  • Dijeridus

    Dijeridus from this region are made in the West Arnhem style. Called mago, they follow the tradition made famous by Beswick’s mago master, elder David Blanasi. Djilpin dijeridus are hand-cut from the woolybutt tree and they have been hollowed-out naturally by termites (if you look inside our djieridus you’ll see

  • Fibre Art

    The Djilpin Galleries stock a wide selection of exciting sculptural fibre art. Our women weavers are famous for their traditional pandanus creations that are both decorative and practical, and often in vibrant naturally-dyed colours, such as fine fibre mats, baskets and dilly bags.

  • Fine Art Prints and Paintings

    Over the years Djilpin Arts have worked with Basil Hall Editions, master printmakers from Darwin, to produce exquisite and unique series’ of fine art prints and paintings. This work is on exhibition and for sale at both galleries.

  • GuGu Wild Products

    The GuGu range of wild products – soap, lip balm, candles and premium sugar bag (honey) – are sourced from the ‘sugar bag’ bee, a tiny stingless native bee which produces wax and honey, called gugu. Sugar bag is one of Arnhem Land’s greatest hidden treasures, so valued that it

  • Jewellery

    Djilpin women artists specialise in creating stunning colourful necklaces and ear rings from local native seeds that they harvest in the country around their communities. They make beautiful strands of the tiniest and most delicate acacia seeds, sometimes incorporating larger seeds in season, and tiny shells from family members on